NEW vehicles are not available at the moment due to a change in emissions laws. We have used vehicles in stock and still supply parts. We will keep you updated.


A phenomenon exists in some European car markets that enables young drivers to experience town only motoring from the age of 16 years. The growth of the quadracycle sector is populated by specialist manufacturers that include Ligier, Aixam and Microcar among them. Usually powered by super-frugal, petrol or diesel engines, these cars have replaced the once popular relient 3 wheelers bought by a dedicated customer base.

Following recognition by the Department of Transport, the Microcar brand is unique in offering 4 seat accommodation in an attractive, sub-compact body that can be driven by the holder of a full motorcycle license. Former buyers of Reliant products have found a suitable form of alternative transport in the new Microcar M.Go model. Simple to drive, you select forward or reverse on the step-less transmission lever and apply the throttle or brake as appropriate. Four-wheel-discs provide secure stopping power and with over 70mpg in prospect, a well equipped M.Go also possesses a keen eye for the environment. Its top speed is restricted to 72mph and it is zippy enough for around town commuting. A 3-year manufacturers warranty protects the car, while its Lombardini engine is also covered for 3 years. Prices start from £9,999 on the road.


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