Think ‘tradition’.



Think about how garage services used to be...


It is not so long ago that local garage services were provided by trusted people, who knew you by name and would always greet you pleasantly, as you entered their premises.


It would seem that, as time as moved on, the greeting is frequently absent and, then, the staff throttle you with an invoice that usually bears no relevance to what has been carried out on your vehicle. Not only that, but you may have to return to have something else remedied. 


Do you truly feel satisfied with such a lack of service? 


At Shakespeare Street Garage, we can promise you a level of service that, perhaps, you once used to remember. Even if you cannot, we can assure you of the highest possible standards that have awarded us with much recognition over the years. However, the greatest recognition comes from our customers, who return, time after time, service after service, because they entrust us with their vehicles and know intrinsically that we shall never let them down. 


We have a warm waiting room, can provide you with refreshments and you can even see what is being carried out on your vehicle. Take a look at the following list, as a guide to some of the services we can offer. However, be aware that we do offer a lot more and easing the burden on you is our first priority.

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